About Us


Fresh Ingredients

We believe that food is not merely sustenance but a catalyst for connection and enjoyment. Our inclusive menu reflects our commitment to fostering a warm and welcoming environment where friends can come together, share stories, and unwind in an atmosphere that is both sexy and sophisticated.

Custom Experience

From the moment you step through our doors, our state-of-the-art reservation system and advanced technology work in harmony to create a seamless experience. Your preferences, food allergies, and dietary restrictions are meticulously recorded, allowing us to craft a dining program that caters specifically to your needs

Our VIP Program

COMING SOON - Conversa Elevated’s member-only program sets the stage for San Antonio’s growing community of business, creative, and social leaders to socialize, connect, dine, work, celebrate and play.

Our Story

A place for friends

Bringing CULINARY passion to the community

Conversa Elevated is San Antonio’s haven of exclusivity and innovation. We invite you and your friends to gather, unwind, and indulge in an atmosphere and culinary menu that reflects our values of diversity, friendship, and sheer culinary pleasure. Certainly, a place for friends.

With cutting-edge technology and a team of dedicated staff, we ensure that every moment spent in our establishment is an unforgettable, elevated experience tailored precisely to your preferences.

Our Team

Corey Farmer
Bar Manager

Corey Farmer
Corey Farmer
Bar Manager

Corey Farmer